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The Hudson Raider Shooting Program provides Hudson School district kids from elementary grades through high school and college with the opportunity to participate in the fun and challenging shooting disciplines of Clay Target Shooting (Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays) as well as Rifle/Pistol Shooting .

Through a variety of fun, team-based shooting conference play and tournaments, we provide student athletes with a supportive environment where shooting sports serve as catalysts for teaching life lessons and skills that emphasize positive character traits and citizenship values. Throughout all training, practice and competitions, we continue to instill in our participants a commitment to safe firearm handling, teamwork and leadership.  


Our mission is to provide, promote and perpetuate opportunities for young athletes to safely and enjoyably participate in a high quality, team-based sports, which are led by trained and dedicated adult coaches in a supportive environment and are focused on the safe handling and use of firearms. 

​The target of The Hudson Raider Shooting Team is true: to help young athletes reach their potential of becoming the best athletes--and young adults--that they can be. They discover the joy of contributing to a shared team goal and the commitment that goes along with it.  During this self-discovery process, team members develop proficiency in a sport that can be shared and enjoyed with family and friends for a lifetime.

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